Zeus Advertising is where you can place ads that will run at Zeus Digital Theaters in Waynesboro, Virginia. 

Zeus has over 300,000 guests annually. Wouldn't you want to get your message in front of an active, engaged audience? 

With Zeus, you get a wide range of the market, people who are excited about coming out to the movies and a medium that is big and cannot be skipped. Theater marketing garners a better response rate than print, radio or tv. Why not add Zeus to your marketing mix today?


Step 1

Pick which advertising vehicle you want to use.

Step 2

Complete the order and pay weekly via ACH or credit card

Step 3

Create your ad and send it over to be included in the next preshow. 

Creative Options To Promote Your Business 

Explore our best selling offers

Pre-Show Slides

Full page slide that runs on every show

Your ten second slide will run before every show in the 10 minute preshow. 
This is a great brand builder or possibly a call to action. Big pictures and a few words should do the trick. 

Rates begin at .45 per showtime or $100 per week.  

Video Commercial

30 Second Commercial with Sound

Your 30 Second Commercial will run on half of Zeus' 224 weekly shows just after the preshow and just before the three trailers. This is the VIP of our advertising options. If your ad is worth running on TV, then it is worth running on Zeus. 

Lobby Promotions

Unique Tools For Reaching Our Guests

Special displays, banners or tradional trade-show booths. These promotions will give you the exposure your company needs. 

Realtor Package

Auto Dealership Package

Non-Profits & Churches