How To Prepare Your OnScreen Ad

Creating your ad is very simple. We build the slide show using Powerpoint. Your ad will be one slide in a show of about 50 slides (some are duplicate). You can provide your ad to us as a PowerPoint slide or a single image (.jpg .png). 

We change the slide show on the first and third Friday of the month. As a result, the deadline for new ads is the second and fourth Friday of the month. 




1. PowerPoint 

If you wish to provide a PowerPoint Slide

  1. Make your slide 4:3 (File:New:Slide Size 4:3 Landscape)
  2. Animations are allowed, but they must stay within the 10 second time period. 
  3. Remember to go big with the image and limited on the text.
  4. Your image doesn't need to be huge. We will upscale it.  
  5. No sound can be used on the slides. 

2. Image 

Providing an image is very easy. 

  • Landscape format 4:3, 1024x768 or higher. 
  • .jpg or .png format
  • Remember: Mostly image and very brief on the text


3. How to Submit Your Ad

To submit your ad choose one of the following methods:

Once we recieve your ad, we will send you a confirmation. 

Note: You must have an existing contract in place by completing the order form. 



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